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Finding top talent in the cyber security workforce is more challenging than ever before. Skilled students in this field are in high demand. Get ahead of your competitors by having the first pick of top candidates as they compete to prove they’re the best cyber security students in Canada, ready to start their career and grow with your organization!

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Find your ideal candidate in one single intense day

Our one-day events consist of hacking in the morning, interviews in the afternoon, and job offers by supper!
(For interns and co-ops, with full-time offers in a few days.)

It's not an interview - it’s a workplace experience

Your hiring manager, cyber lead and recruiters will be directly embedded with the students as they tackle realistic cyber scenarios.
It’s as close as you can possibly get to what the students will be doing for you on the job.

Stop Chasing Candidates

You don’t need to invest in  dozens of emails, phone calls, scheduling hassles, and follow-ups.  Instead, let us do all that work so you can just show up for one day and pick from the best candidates.

Meet the Best Students

With over 10 years experience CyberSci is trusted by students, sponsors and schools alike.  The chance to compete for Canada against the best in the world attracts the top talent from each school.

Get Recognized as a Leading Employer

Attracting top talent requires getting your brand recognized by the best candidates. Becoming one of our employers builds your brand’s reputation so the most talented job-seekers are eager to work for you.

Top Schools Participate

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Employers Hire Students

Attend one of our next Regional hiring event on  Nov 20/27, 2021

Hiring at One Event in One Region = $2,500
Hiring at Multiple Events in Multiple Regions = $5,000 - $10,000
Prize Sponsor = $500

CyberSci is a non-profit organization run entirely by volunteers.  Sponsorship fees are used to fund prizes such as
student travel to international events.  A small portion is used to run the website and events.  No salaries.  No profits.

Sponsor Cyber Team Canada

Our next National Finals event will be in June, 2022

Sponsor a Team = $7,000
Sponsor a Participant = $2,000

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