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Regional Events are Hiring Events

Next event:  November 20/27, 2021

Halifax, Montréal, Ottawa, Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver

Our annual  CyberSci Regional Challenges are a day of hacking in the morning, interviews in the afternoon, and job offers by supper.  (That’s for summer, co-op, intern jobs.  Offers for full-time posts usually follow within a few days.)

Canadian universities and colleges can send up to two teams of four students to the designated venue in their region.

These student teams will be presented with a realistic corporate network that will force them to think like an attacker to penetrate the defences and expose the vulnerabilities.

Employers are embedded with the students all day – not just watching from the sidelines.

Once the main challenge is over and winners are acknowledged, the top three teams are granted interviews with the local employers.  Other stand-out students from the morning activities are invited as well.

After the whole day together, employers are almost always ready to make verbal offers on the spot.  For some full-time jobs there is an invitation to a second interview later in the week.

As of November 2021 we are returning to LIVE events, and will strictly adhere to all student health protocols.

Schools from Six Regions

National Events are Prestige Events

Next event:  June, 2022 – Ottawa

Leading cyber employers across Canada choose to sponsor the CyberSci finals to gain national exposure for their brand, and to get their name known amongst these future cyber leaders. 

Their are interview rooms available for career discussions but due to the timing of this summer event the national finals are not a true hiring event.


Thank you! to all the finalists who participated in the CyberSci Canadian national championships on the July 17/18, 2021 weekend!

Winners endured hard work and plenty of practice, then had to win regional qualifiers in January, and these nationals in July.  They are now poised to become Canada’s future cyber leaders.


 Congratulations! to the top 3 teams from this year’s Cyber*Sci national finals.

Members of the top three teams are now eligible to represent Canada at the European and International Cyber Challenges in September and December 2021.  We know they will make us proud!


International Events Against World’s Best

The 2021 European Cyber Security Challenge (ECSC) will welcome our Canadian team from September 28 – October 1, in Prague Czech Republic.

Nine of our winners from the CyberSci Canadian nationals will be fighting to show they can compete with the top teams from 21 European countries.


The 2021 International Cybersecurity Challenge (ICC) will welcome our Canadian team from December 7-10, in Athens, Greece.

Up to 15 of our winners from the CyberSci Canadian national finals will move on to compete against the best in the world, including teams from North and South America, Africa, Europe, Asia and Oceania.