Build canada’s Cyber Security workforce

Canada’s Cyber Security Challenge identifies the top students in our universities and colleges and matches them with leading employers in Cyberspace.

University of Toronto
Mississagua Campus

Build Canada's Cyber Workforce

CyberSci – Canada’s Cyber Security Challenge is building our cyber workforce by identifying the top students in our universities and colleges, and matching them with the leading employers in the Cyber space.


Encourage Canada's Future Cyber Leaders

We run qualifying tournaments in each region across Canada, with winners advancing to the CyberSci national finals in Ottawa.  With the generous support of our sponsors, our national champions then go on to represent Canada at prestigious international events.

Be Recognized as an industry leader

Top sponsors are recognized as industry leaders,  benefiting from brand exposure at every CyberSci event.  Be proud to send  Canada’s team to Prague in September 2021 for the European challenge, and Athens for a world wide event in December 2021.

Cyber*Sci Sponsors - National Finals 2021

Gold Sponsor

CyberSci Canadian National FInals 2021

Women's Team - Gold Sponsor

CyberSci Canadian Nationals Finals 2021

Silver Sponsor

CyberSci Canadian Nationals Finals 2021

Infrastructure Sponsor

CyberSci 2021

Prize Sponsor

CyberSci 2021

Prize Sponsor

CyberSci 2021

You’re in Great Company!

Join these leading edge companies promoting their brands and supporting a great cause by becoming a sponsor today!

Sponsor the Canadian National Finals

Cyber*Sci National Finals, July 17, 2021

Sponsor Event = $15,000

Sponsor a Team = $5,000

Sponsor a Participant = $1,500

You’ll be sending Canada’s national student team 2021 to Prague or Athens.

(CyberSci is a non-profit organization run entirely by volunteers.  Sponsorship fees are used almost completely

to fund student travel to international events, with a only small percent used to run the website and events.)

University of Calgary
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